Thursday, October 01, 2009

Blazing-Splendor: Great Yogini

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

the immensity

dear harmonic friends,

it's about 37-39 years now that my search is alive, is alove. the immensity of reality is so poignant. amazing a human heart and mind and body can find such room. one with everything and everyone.
nowhere else to go, no wish for anything further.

by the way, it's lovely here at pommereau, our center in france. so many could benefit.

what remains quite strongly at this end/beginning of cycles of studies and teachings, received and shared, is how one great master said, it will be as bad as your worst predictions, and another who said,
those still here are are really the difficult cases.

please, my brothers and sisters, let's redouble our efforts, everybody gets out of here alive; alove is the key.

your friend,


Sunday, October 28, 2007

harmonic songlines: listening for the music of consciousness

Dear harmonic friends,

Greetings from East Hampton, New York. Just back from an amazing songline voyage to Esalen, where the group we had for the week of Harmonic Presence/Harmonic Chant teachings and practices had truly transcendent moments.

After a weekend of concerts in Los Angeles, we then visited Taos, New Mexcio, where I was born, and where we were able to spend delightful time with my 80-year old godmother from the Taos Pueblo, who told me "we gave you the privilege to sing."

We then drove north into Colorado's stupendous San Luis valley, with the sun setting above the San Juan mountains far to our left and the full moon rising above the Sangre de Cristo mountains to our right. The middle way...

Crestone is a nexus of extraordinary spiritual communities, including the American headquarters of outstanding Tibetan Buddhist lama Tsoknyi Rinpoché, whom we venerate, and whose Pundarika Foundation ( furthers his profound work. We were honored to meet with his principal team and to chant for and with them in the evening's luminous mountain light. We hope to offer a benefit concert for Pundarika next summer.

We were also honored to spend time at the Crestone Zen Center of Richard Baker Roshi, where the extraordinarily resonant dome may well house a summer 2008 Harmonic Presence retreat session that I very much look forward to.

And now here we are by the sea in East Hampton. For information about teachings and sessions in East Hampton this month, please write

We then return to our main center, Pommereau, near Paris, France, for a weekend retreat Nov 30-Dec 2, and then to Katmandu for a concert appearance on Dec 9th in honor of the 10th anniversary of the Rangjung Yeshe Institute (

The following weekend we'll be in Prague for a weekend of teachings and a concert.

Our foundation is preparing a number of collaborative projects for 2008 to further explore both traditional and contemporary approaches to the search for essential harmony in mind, body and spirit. Our work links mind, music, meditation and the medicine of deep harmonization.

We welcome your voice in the songlines of the journey.

With all best wishes,

Harmonic Presence Foundation
203 843 3524

Sunday, January 07, 2007

A global warming of the heart (unbound to be) (helps cool the fires)

so necessary... proclaiming to no one but oneself... i really need... and i is a big 'we'... a spiritual ecology, vibrational ecology, a global approach...not just to the globe, but to global being, to being, globally... some ecological balance in this frayed jungle of thoughts, concerns, worries, realizations... some harmonizing of the urgent work both inside and out that all we double agents-of-change are bound to do -- at once inside and out-- undercover but overly uncovered-- one might say, exposed to the elements... here's to a-hopin' and a-prayin' that the great indoors --the vast heart of the human being-- recover its warmth in hopes that the great outdoors can start to cool off... it's all heat from war of the minds who have forgotten how cool and refreshing it is when it's quiet, in the great indoors, the central peace can erase all the edgy wars... it's the mind that's globally too hot, and the heart globally in need of warmth... it's from the overly-hot mind, all the heat from explosions, from the burning, from the external combustion of the ifs, ands and butt-headed egotists we are, hard-hatted and hard-heartedly delirious in our little cages of self-interest. banging on the bars like worn-out gongs from an unforged monastery-- if we hear nobody's listening then at least it's clear that the work begins at home... we can hear all music once the listener is united...


Sunday, July 30, 2006


working away, working toward
happiness is as happiness does
screen your devils, envision your angels

Thursday, July 27, 2006

new waves

starting afresh
again and again
the wnd, the wind

the pulse of the heart
feeling true

Thursday, May 25, 2006

hello world
greetings from the seaside east coast
another ocean to cross soon
the seven seas
of the notes
of the octave
to the highest surface where all the depths are revealed
shimmering, scintillating reality
from ocean's floor to the top of the sky
one sea, one sky
one seasky
one wave at a time

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

summer is definitely here...
an amazing time for inner growth and practice and outer attunement to the real
be positive in behavior and outlook
help others
strive for the highest good